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About Us

Hi! My name is Wesley Boster, and I'm the owner of Better Body Supply. Thank you for visiting our online store. I have wonderful team that assist me with the everyday operations of this business; however, I like if you call or message us, most times I'll be the one you'll be speaking with. Call me I'm old-fashioned, but I sure enjoyed the "good ole days" when you had a question you actually spoke to the owner of business, and not a recording with a series of confusion menus. So that's the way I try to run things over here at Better Body Supply.


Back in 2010, I found myself overweight and out-of-shape.  I had been married for 4 years to my beautiful wife (still married today!), and we had 2 very active little boys running around the house and yard.  One the boys and I were jumping on our trampoline, and within 5 minutes I was COMPLETELY out breath.  They wanted to keep playing, but "out-of-shape" Dad was completely DONE!  That was turning moment in my life.  It really hurt me to have tell my boys that I was too tired to play with them.  From that day, I vowed to make lifestyle changes, so I could play with my boys as long as they wanted too!

That begin my fitness journey.  I changed my eating habits, begin walking, running, lifting weights, and using various types of exercise equipment.  Fast forward almost 2 decades later, I'm still playing with my now teenage boys, and Dad don't get tired! :-).


Fitness, dieting, and staying in shape has become such a part of my life that I thought, "why not make a business out of it?" So, that's how Better Body Supply was born!

I understand how important it is to feel and look your best. We strive to offer only the BEST fitness equipment and supplies available on the market to help our customer achieve their fitness goals.

Satisfaction and Support is Our Top Priority

We don't want to just sell you a product.  We want to make you a lifetime customer!  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on our site.  Thanks again for stopping by today!

-Wesley Boster
Better Body Supply